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Alamos garden tool drive to fight dengue

The Alamos, Sonora, Mexico Committee of Scottsdale Sister Cities has organized a garden tool drive to help control dengue, which is spread by infected mosquitos. Tools requested are leaf rakes, garden rakes, shovels (rounded or square), machetes, wheelbarrows and chainsaws. 

These tools will help Alamos residents eliminate the mosquito’s environment on vacant land that is overgrown with plants and litter that retain rain water, where the insect larva hatch and grow during their summer rainy season. Dengue is a serious health problem during that season. 

Thank you to those who have donated the tools pictured. More are needed.

Please contact Alamos chair Bob Rink to arrange a plan to gather you or your neighbor’s usable donated tools. His number is 602-206-1436 or email:


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