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SSCA FEATURED IN PODSDALE EPISODE: Exploring Scottsdale’s Global Connections

Tune into the March 19 edition of Podsdale to hear how SSCA helps the people of Scottsdale reach far beyond our city limits. Listen now to the conversation in which Podcast host Holly Walter interviewed former and current youth ambassadors about their experiences while on student exchanges to Interlaken (2010-11) and Killarney (2023).  


Acknowledging how his student exchange experience with Interlaken shaped his life, Raul Guevar has now joined the SSCA Board of Directors, hoping to “give back and help grow the organization to be able to provide more opportunities for students to acquire global curiosity and to build lifelong friendships.” 


Scottsdale-Killarney Student Golf Exchange participant, Payton Connelly, understandably loved the opportunity to golf across the Atlantic, but was also enthusiastic about being home hosted and learning from the locals. “Traveling as an ambassador, I learned things that I wouldn’t have learned just traveling by myself,” Payton noted. 


Aside from student exchanges, Guevar emphasized SSCAs events that “bring our community together to highlight all the awesome things that make Scottsdale so unique.” 


Podsdale is produced semi-monthly by the City of Scottsdale Office of Communications to shine a spotlight on “what makes Scottsdale tick.”  You can subscribe here through various platforms or find it on YouTube.


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