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On Sunday, February 18, Past President Kathy George led a delegation of four SSCA members to a celebration of thirteen years of contributions to the valley by William “Doc” Jones.  The Chandler LOOK theater was the site of a wonderful Jazz concert and recognition of Doc.


Doc Jones is best known for initiating International Jazz Day AZ.  The mission of his foundation is to re-awaken the love of Jazz in Arizona. 


During the evening, Doc praised Scottsdale Sister Cities for the close relationship with his Foundation. He acknowledged that SSCA was an early supporter of the Scottsdale Jazz Festival which was huge success last year.  He also noted that SSCA was a sponsor and initiator of the Alamos (Mexico) Jazz Festival for four years.


Several local Jazz musicians who were present, joined in the concert and recognition of Doc. In Lisa Hightower’s first number, she invited Doc to join her at the keyboard.


Through out the evening, Doc was recognized for his contributions to Jazz, his success in organizing several Jazz events in the valley (plus Mexico), a commitment to supporting low-cost housing for struggling artists and musicians, his using music to help community youth stay on a positive path, and a focus on furthering this social cause and provide a public benefits rather than profit. 


By including SSCA in this event honoring Doc, he also promoted the value of sister cities activities in Scottsdale and Arizona to the theater audience.  


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