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AZ SISTER CITIES ASSOCIATION Showcase at Arizona League of Cities and Towns Convention

On Sept. 1, 2022, The AZ Sister Cities Association and an estimated 85 other businesses and non-profits from throughout AZ hosted a showcase booth at the Arizona League of Cities and Towns Convention at the Glendale Renaissance Convention and Media Center.

The estimated 1200 Convention attendees included AZ state and municipal government elected officials, Chamber of Commerce members, City Mayors, and city organizations.

An estimated 250-plus attendees visited the AZ Sister Cities interactive booth.

Booth visitors received a soft squeezable 4-inch Globe, informational handouts, sponsored international ambassadorships, and the humanitarian efforts of Sister Cities in AZ.

The AZ Sister Cities Association showcase was produced by Fountain Hills, Chandler-Tullamore, and Scottsdale Sister Cities Associations representing a growing number of AZ Sister Cities Associations.

Picture caption: Top Left: Carol Carroll, Fountain Hills Past President, talks will attendee

Bottom Left: JoAnn Garner, Scottsdale Killarney Chair, hands out AZ Sister Cities Globes

Center: Convention Attendees visit booths

Top Right: Susan Salembier, Scottsdale Sister Cities member, talks about Sister Cities with attendees

Bottom Right: On left, Carol Carroll w Fountain Hills banner: On Right, Ellen Harrington, President Chandler-Tullamore, and officer of AZ Sister Cities Association


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