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Help for Alamos - Donate to Food Drive

Due to the Coronavirus, the Mayor of Alamos made a decision in mid-March to close the village to all outsiders. To date there are no COVID-19 cases in Alamos. However, the economy is in a shambles, partially because most people are out of work. To further compound the problems, few Mexicans in the village have any savings, thus on a daily basis more people are needing food assistance.  Hacienda de los Santos Resort is participating by preparing 130 hot meals a day, five days a week, for those in need. They are utiliizing donations from the 'Alamos Food Drive' to provide these meals with preparation at no charge. We are working hand in hand with the local government.  Please help if you can.  Thanks to Jim Swickard, Dale and Jan Gray, and Bob Rink for this connection and continuation of assistance for Alamos.


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