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Liven up Year of the Tiger Chinese New Year Happy Hour

On a warm February afternoon, 40 SSCA members and guests gathered to welcome the Year of the Tiger and to mark the final day of the multi-week Chinese New Year celebration, known as the Lantern Festival. Attendees were entertained by the Musical Instrument Museum’s Asia Curator in the lovely garden courtyard of the Ascension Lutheran Church. Dr. Eddie Hsu’s presentation ran the gamut from highlighting the art motifs of ancient Chinese instruments, to sharing taped and live music played at today’s Lunar New Year’s activities. He also challenged the audience to solve some riddles which are traditionally found on the colorful red lanterns festooning Asian communities. For this special SSCA happy hour, Asian themed refreshments were served including traditional almond cookies resembling coins and signifying prosperity for the New Year. - by Susan Salembier


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