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YAAS 2022 Award Ceremony

YAAS Award Ceremony

SSCA President Sandy Zally led the YAAS 2022 Award Ceremony with help from others at the Scottsdale Artists School. We had former BOD members Doug Sydnor, Max Rumbaugh (and Annette), Joe Brett (and Cori). Board members in attendance: Sandra Zally, Megan Young, JoAnn Garner, Lisa White, Kyle Polen, and Moulay Zougari (on Zoom.)

After viewing the exhibit on the main lobby of the Scottsdale Public Library Civic Center branch, fifty-one guests signed in at the reception desk, with about seven more on Zoom, including Eric Galarneau and a student from Kingston, Canada and Housnia Tiana and students from Marrakech, Morocco.

The surprise of the afternoon was hearing that Haikou, China had turned in 60 essays!!! So many, juror Cori Brett couldn't review them all. And Haikou also submitted 15 works of art. These international contributions are making this YAAS an even more outstanding event. And please, all Board members, get to the Civic Center to see the artwork in the lobby - main floor - on our new presentation boards. Very professional looking, but the artwork is amazing. The art shows the theme of sustainable water, and these artists clearly have a vision for what needs to be done to make this world a better place - and every country has the same concerns!!! These teens are amazing.

The SSCA Scottsdale High School art winners are:

1st Place Kaitlyn Baughman, 17 years

2nd Place Elyse Lynnae Soller, 14 years

3rd Place Emily Johnson, 16 years

4th Place Diana Lopez, 17 years

5th Place Harper Harris, 16 years

There were also eight (8) Honorable Mentions and 21 Show placements from Scottsdale High Schools.

The SSCA International art winners are:

1st Place from Marrakech, Moracco, Hiba El Ouargi

2nd Place from Marrakech, Ouiam Erbiyab

3rd Place from Marrakech, Aya Gallal

Honorable Mention from Marrakech, Yahya Foutouh

1st Place from Haikou, China, Wang Xuan

2nd Place from Haikou, Du Yaojing

3rd Place from Haikou, Lin Boyi

1st Place from Kingston, Canada, Isabelle Marois


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