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Arizona Irish Colleens Visit Killarney, Ireland

Three years of Arizona Irish Colleen’s visited five Arizona Irish Sister Cities in August 2022. The Colleens visited Ennis, Tullamore, Newtownabbey, Roscommon and Killarney, our sister city to Scottsdale. The Arizona Colleen Program is an Irish heritage pageant for single Arizona women of Irish descent, age 18-28.

Please see the below pictures of the 2020 and 2021 Colleens visiting the 4-star Killarney Plaza Hotel.

Pictured L to R: Killarney Mayor, The Honorable Neall Kelligher; 2021 AZ Colleen, Ceili Olney; 2020 AZ Colleen, Callan Dalton Gist; and Killarney Town Twinning President, Sean Counihan. Also pictured below on the right is Seán Kelly, Member of the European Parliament and former President of the Gaelic Athletic Association. Not pictured is the 2022 Arizona Colleen, Lynn Cosgrove.

Killarney Town Twinning President, Sean Counihan

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