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Canadian Thanksgiving - Making Butter Tarts with Suzie and Bloody Caesars with Gary

Canada celebrated Thanksgiving six weeks ago on October 10, 2022, which was our Columbus Day/Indigenous People's Day. However, you can enjoy their traditions now with these yummy butter tarts. Suzie Austin, Committee Chair for Kingston, Canada (our sister city since 1994) and her husband, Canadian Gary House, share their Canadian traditions with us.

A couple of interesting facts about Canadian Thanksgiving:

Started in 1578 before the USA (1578 is when explorer Martin Frobisher successfully crossed the Northwest Passage.) USA Thanksgiving goes back to 1619 in Virginia colonies and in Plymouth, Mass. celebration with Wampanoags in 1621.

  • Since 1879, Canada has standardized the date as the second Monday in October

  • Canada is more focused on harvest, which is earlier in the North, and less on pilgrims

  • Because it is always on a Monday, there is no Black Friday surrounding the date. (Some may have the main meal on the weekend.)

  • Many do watch football on that Monday, as the CFL, Canadian Football League, always plays that day.

  • The meal itself is similar, with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie, though flavors and preparation differ. (Butter tarts are a nice addition, but can be eaten all year round!)

  • Both countries traditions give thanks, celebrate the fall harvest bounty, and enjoy a feast with family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!


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