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Kenya artists on display soon

In April 2019, SAS hosted a visit and studio tour with SSCA George Hartz and Kennedy Kibet, Chairman of Uasin Gishu Arts Council. He was in Scottsdale with Kenya exchange students as one of their chaperones.

Trudy and I shared the story of our artists, and found it an inspiration to hear about the artists he serves, and their passion for art. “It was a very exciting and wonderful experience for me,” said Kennedy of the visit, explaining that they have no such school or facilities for their artists. “… in my home town we lack schools like yours and we don’t even have a gallery where artist can show case their work. I have to arrange with people with open spaces to allow us to show our work. The nearest facility is over 300 km away in Nairobi the capital city, so it always poses as a challenge.”

We spoke of possibilities for future partnerships, such as art exchange shows, sending educational art videos, gathering art supplies. An art exchange began to take shape! Kennedy met with some of his artists at a cultural fair and many were excited about the possibility.

An amazing digital camera kit was generously donated by one of our staff, along with professional art class videos donated by Trudy. SSCA member was able to deliver those in person upon his return to Kenya this month. SAS and Mustang Library are eagerly awaiting digital images of the Kenya artists soon, expected to go on display in March. This will be in time for the next visit from the Uasin Gushu delegation in April!


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