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New Feature on SSCA Website: Silent Auctions are now available 24/7

Limited Edition Art Offered

SSCA can now conduct Silent Auctions digitally through the addition of a special page on our Website. This will expand our fundraising capacity by allowing members and non-members the opportunity to participate at their convenience, whether they attend an event or not.

First up is a Silent Auction of limited edition art donated to the Killarney Committee for the benefit of the inaugural Student Golf Exchange in 2023. Two of the 3 pieces offered capture stunning Irish landscapes in photographs printed on metal. The third piece is a unique art book created by an SSCA member. SSCA is very grateful to renowned photographer Tim H. Murphy and writer Joe Salembier for donating these high quality art pieces. The live links will take you to the website page which includes instructions on bidding. Check the art out here:

In County Antrim, Northern Ireland, the setting sun shines through 300-year-old beech trees.

Looking into the afternoon sun towards the Blasket Islands, Ireland.

Limited edition Clamshell with 12 illustrations and original Haikus by Joe Salembier

Bidding for these three treasures will end on March 22, 2023 at 6 pm, and the lucky winners announced at the end of our Irish Happy Hour at R.T. O’Sullivans which will feature live Irish music. Of course, winners do not have to be present at the Happy Hour.

Beyond this initial Killarney fundraising effort, we hope to use this digital feature

to benefit the talented students and adults who participate in SSCA Art Programs—including the students who submit their work for the annual Young Artists and Authors Showcase, and artists displayed in our Sister Cities Art Exchanges. Details are being finalized.

On SSCA’s website, this new feature (Fundraising) is found as a drop-down under the “Programs” tab. Or use the Hyperlink above. This QR code will take you there instantly.


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