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November’s Student Exchange from Marrakech

Scottsdale students enjoyed hosting 11 students and 2 teachers from Marrakech, Morocco in November.

After several flight delays, the group arrived exhausted but ready to experience Scottsdale. The Moroccan students attended several Scottsdale schools and participated in a variety of classes to give them an idea of what school is like in the United States. They also presented to American students about Marrakech and Morocco.

The students and their hosts enjoyed afternoon activities throughout Scottsdale including museum visits, a meeting with Scottsdale’s Mayor Jim Lane, a pizza night, mini golf, and go-karting.

The home hosting experience was rewarding for both the visiting Moroccan students and the Scottsdale students who hosted them. They formed relationships that will be strengthened when the Scottsdale group travels to Marrakech in March. These international friendships are the backbone of our programs and often extend far beyond the exchange itself. Stay tuned for another report after our students return from Morocco this spring!

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Unknown member
Aug 20, 2021

Great reaad

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