The Pandemic in our Sister Cities

Here's a share of what is happening in our Sister Cities.

As most of us know, the impacts of the pandemic can have a tremendous range of effects within our own communities. Our sister cities are also variously affected. Some have had relatively few issues with Covid-19 and are beginning to slowly reduce restrictions. Some are dealing with some VERY challenging problems to a point where it is kind of hard to wrap my head around them. The two sister cities most impacted are Alamos, Mexico and Uasin Gishu, Kenya.

As we all know, the pandemic is a fluid situation. Some of what is reported below is a week or more old.


The Pandemic situation in Alamos, Mexico 🇲🇽

In an effort to keep Covid19 from invading Alamos, the government shut down the city with blockades of the roads into and out of Alamos. Only those with approved need may enter or leave the city. It apparently has checked the spread. So far only one

person is reported with Covid19 and the people who had contact with that person are being closely monitored. “The measures that have been carried out in our town have been very strict, with checkpoints at the entrances, without letting in or out citizens who do not have important issues to mobilize, also with means of prevention in stores, banks and places of flow of people, we have had to bring groceries to people who have been left without their wages or people with very low resources both in the town and in the villages that belong to us and that we have to take care of. This has been a very great effort for this Administration, our Mayor Victor Balderrama…” Amelia Anaya, Municipal Tourism Director, March 30.

Unfortunately, the closing of Alamos has a significant fallout on the local population and is taking its toll. Many who were both economically and food challenged even before this, have lost jobs. Near-by rural communities are unable to get into the city. There is real need to get food to these people in and around Alamos. Dale Gray of SOS, (Sustainable Outreach Solutions) who has led the medical brigades to Alamos, joined with people in Scottsdale and Alamos to start the Alamos Food Drive – with a goal of $40,000, which was reached on May 28th. Most donations are from Arizona, and Mexico but also from other places around the world. The Hacienda de los Santos is making and delivering about 130 hot meals a day to residents who are ill or elderly and unable to get out to get food. The Alamos Food Drive has purchased almost 150,000 pounds of food so far. However, the need continues, and will continue for who knows how long. Therefore, they have set a second $40,000 goal.

If you are so inclined to make your first (or perhaps another) donation, please CLICK HERE


The Pandemic situation in Cairns, Australia 🇦🇺

Australia has had strictly enforced restrictions with high “on the spot fines” of $1300+ being reported by newspapers – and a friend who does not admit to knowing that firsthand.