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Young Artists & Authors Showcase - Results are in!

We are pleased to announce the Award Winners for the Scottsdale Sister Cities Association Local Competition for Young Artists & Authors Showcase.

39 works of art have been submitted for the Young Artist Showcase.

All 39 artworks are Accepted for Show and will be on display at the Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts - Artspace Gallery from March 21st through April 15th, 2020.

Meet the Young Artists at the

Reception and Award Ceremony

The event is postponed to a later date TBD. Stay tuned.

All are welcome to attend!

The place awards that will be matted, framed, and hung at Artspace Gallery are: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 9 Honorable Mentions, 13 Accepted for Show.14 artworks are Accepted for Slide Show and will be on display in a slideshow on a monitor installed within the showcase.

Art Competition Awards:

  • 1st Place: $175 - will be advanced to the Sister Cities International Competition

  • 2nd Place: $125

  • 3rd Place: $100

  • Honorable Mention: Certificate

  • Accepted for Show: Certificate

  • Accepted for Slide Show: Certificate

  • * new this year ... SAS Scholarship Award for Summer Fine Art Camp at Scottsdale Artists' School

Here below the results.

Congratulations to all participating artists for sharing your artistic talent and vision! Your thoughtful expression of the theme "One World, Out of Many, We Are One" adds voice and impact to Sister Cities' aim to promote peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation - one individual, one community at a time. We greatly appreciate each and every artwork submission! We look forward to seeing you at the Award Ceremony.


2020 Results


1st: Eike Mussig Contreras, "We Are One"

2nd: Dana Corbo, "Teamwork Set in Stone"

3rd: Madeline Lafflam, "Not Everything is Black or White"

Honorable Mention: D. J. McIntyre, "Duties Around the World" - Kessra Maestra Naji, "Unity of Culture" - Jill Pond, "Mother of Peace" - Matthew Thomas Goodwin "One Gamer" - Yuna Horie, "No Matter How We Are Different" - Yuka Sasaki, "Hadashi (Barefoot)" - Alexandre Jeunot, "Perception" - Waverly Pressel, "Far from Home" - Danielle Sharkey, "World's Kitchen"

Accepted for Show: Adyson Amaya, "Remember Me" - Lauren Duckworth, "Thrive & Grow Together" - Felina Hans, "Unity and Pride" - Alanna A. Andrade, "Keep Us Centered" - Sistine Iraya Lewis, "Roots" - Kayla Bailey, "Crazy Hair Day" - Athena Behar, "We're All Mad Here" - Gabrielle Brown, "A Moment of Gabbi" - Isabella Hamilton, "Many in One" - Laura Jones, "Stepping Into the World" - Autumn Karis, "Over in Haiti" - Chloe Pavlik, "Divided" - Allison Zhang, "Light Reading"

Accepted for Slide Show: Katherine Caminiti, "Sandy Cultures" - Ivan Davalos, "Holidays" - Maggie Hong, "Merge" - Ariel Mansey, "Legacy" - Marcella Strand, "We Are One" - Helen Corrales, "Tethered" - Chloe Buttelmann, "Into My Eyes" - Dominic Dicon, "Symbols of the World" - Chloe Judge, "Colors of the World" - Madison Kirsh, "Metamorphosis" - Jaeda Knighton, "Unified" - Mackenzie Mayer, "From Ocean to Ocean" - Lauren Sin, "Around the World" - Joy Xia, "From Now On"



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